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Maximizing Dental Insurance Benefits Before Year End

Another year is winding down. While it seems like we should still be enjoying the blooms of Spring, the end of the calendar year is quickly approaching. As 2017 heads to a close, many flexible spending, annual deductible, health savings and overall insurance benefits are about to renew for 2018. You may have signed up for dental insurance through your company or independently. You’ve been paying your monthly premium these past 9 months so why lose out on unused benefits? Before 2018 begins, here are some suggestions to optimize your dental insurance benefits.

If six months have passed since the last time you paid a visit to your dentist then it is time to schedule another appointment. Teeth are subject to a lot of force and wear daily from the foods we eat and drink to other issues such as grinding our teeth or general enamel erosion and tooth decay. Scheduling a checkup every six months is good dental hygiene and helps prevent more complicated issues further down the road.

Delayed Dental Work

If there is extensive dental work that you have been delaying because of cost or nervousness, now is the time to get it done. While the thought of mouth work can cause some people anxiety it is important to address the issue. Leaving necessary dental work undone can result in even more damage to your mouth, teeth, and gums resulting in more extensive and expensive repair. Review your dental insurance plan carefully to identify if the work proposed is covered. Utilize these benefits to get the work done now. In addition to receiving those earned benefits, your mouth will feel better and be healthier.

Cosmetic Dentistry

While most insurance plans do not cover basic cosmetic dentistry including teeth whitening, some procedures such as dental implants, crowns and artificial teeth are covered. If cosmetic work is deemed necessary to improve or correct the overall health of your teeth, it may be covered fully or partially by the insurance company. Rather than assume the procedure isn’t covered ask first.

If you are unsure about coverage or the available benefit balance with your dental insurance plan, call the provider for details. At Imperial Dental Center, our treatment planning coordinator is also available to help new and existing patients understand dental insurance benefits or make other financial arrangements.

Do not lose out on what you have earned. Contact us today at (281) 265-3567 to utilize your dental insurance benefits and kick off the new year with a healthy, dazzling smile.

Dr. Dragana Angelova
Imperial Dental Center

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