Comprehensive Dental Care

Comprehensive Dental Care and Treatment Plan

Our experienced and well trained Sugar Land dental team will provide a competent, comprehensive and cutting edge dental exam and treatment plan to identify all your needs and treat you in timely and professional manner which kick-offs our relationship as your general family dentistry provider.

Regular comprehensive intraoral dental exam
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We perform comprehensive dental care on all of our patients, especially at your initial visit and the following visits with your dental hygienist. During the exam, the dentist will check all of your teeth for decay, check and evaluate existing fillings, crowns, bridges, other restorations, gums and mucosa as well as evaluate your digital radiographs. Our dentist, Dr. Angelova will provide you with the results of the exam and offer comprehensive treatment plans to address your needs, as well as provide a maintenance plan for your teeth and gums.

Oral cancer screening

As part of the comprehensive dental exam, oral cancer screening is provided. The doctor will perform an exam of your tongue, cheeks, throat, lips and gums. This is a painless and quick process.

Digital X-rays

We are equipped with digital x-ray equipment, to minimize patient discomfort and radiation exposure, while maintaining high diagnostic capabilities. By looking at the digital x-rays, we can detect decay, bone loss, cysts and other abnormalities. All of the findings are displayed on the digital screens in our patient operatory and shared with you, so you can see firsthand where the problem is.

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Intra Oral Camera

We use a special intra-oral camera to take digital photographs of your teeth or gums, especially the areas that have a problem. The photos are stored in your file and also discussed. Dr. Angelova takes great pride in providing a detailed explanation of every problem to her patients, no matter how minor the issue appears which her patients across Fort Bend county greatly appreciate.

Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Dr. Angelova will provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan to address all of your dental needs and problems that were identified and confirmed during the exam. Our trained team will than help you with determining the next steps in your treatment plan.

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