Top 4 Dental Apps for Adults and Kids


dental hygiene-gum disease-dentist in sugarland txWith the internet, mobile phones, tablets, and a plethora of apps available for download, it is easy to gain access to information on just about any topic. When it comes to taking care of our teeth, daily brushing and twice-annual visits are the most important steps you can take. But did you know there are also apps available to teach your kids how to brush, to get them motivated and to make it fun? There are also reputable resources for adults. Here are 4 good dental apps for adults and kids.

Chomper Chums

Less of an app and more of a podcast, Chomper Chums are a fun way to keep your kids brushing for the recommended two-minute time period. It features short stories, jokes, and songs with each segment lasting just two minutes. New features are available twice per day to keep the content fresh and new. Chomper also keeps track of how often the program is used and offers little rewards for being consistent. Available on iOS and Android devices, as well as Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Alexa.

Brush DJ

Brush DJ is another opportunity to dance while you brush. This free, award-winning app plays a range of music genres that lasts for two minutes. The snappy tunes are designed to keep kids (and adults) engaged while brushing for the proper length of time. Brush DJ is available on iOS and Android. Brush DJ includes a range of genre music, videos, and a chart for progress. Vote for your favorite brushing song and see if it makes it to the weekly DJ Top 5 list.

ADA Symptom Checker

In 2013, the American Dental Association debuted Symptom Checker, a web-based program available on their award-winning website Symptom Checker is designed to educate consumers about oral health symptoms, enabling them to make more informed decisions. Persons enter details about themselves such as age, gender, and any symptoms they may be experiencing. The symptom checker is not a diagnosis tool, nor should it be considered a replacement for a visit to your dentist. Rather it is intended to bring about awareness of the importance of listening to warning signs from your body and bringing those concerns to the attention of your dentist.

 Brand Specific Apps

While we do not normally recommend specific brands, many of the mainstream companies including Oral B and Colgate, offer online resources and apps designed to support specific model toothbrushes or to simply encourage both kids and adults alike to take better care of their teeth. These sophisticated yet easy-to-use programs are designed to teach how to brush properly, are able to track the effectiveness of brushing and provide real-time feedback. Different vibrations or catchy tunes let you know when the brushing is over. These apps can also identify areas of the mouth that need more attention. Find out if your preferred bran offers app or programs by visiting their website.

From Disney-themed music to flashing lights, and sonic vibrations; orthodontics/braces, brushing techniques and general education, there is a range of apps available around the topic of teeth. Choose an app that is offered by a reputable brand, has a high-star rating, and is recommended on Google apps. These tools are an effective resource when used in conjunction with twice-daily brushing and twice-annual visits with your dentist.

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