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Common Causes of Yellow Teeth and How to Turn Them White Again

Teeth Whitening

So, you have yellow teeth. Is this normal? The shape and color of teeth are as unique to each person as is your own personality. In a healthy mouth, teeth can range from white to off-white, to slightly yellow. A range of factors from external to internal can darken tooth color over time. When the color of your teeth renders you self-conscious, there are steps you can take to whiten your teeth and smile with confidence.


Enamel is the protective outer coating of our teeth. Over time the color of enamel can change based on extrinsic factors, intrinsic issues, and aging. Externally, the foods we put into our mouth can contribute to teeth discoloration. From our favorite morning cup of coffee to a glass of wine at dinner, darker color and acidic beverages can cause stains. Additional culprits include dark color fruits, soda and high-sugar drinks, cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco products. Brushing regularly and limiting intake of these stain-causing foods can keep your teeth whiter longer.

Enamel discoloration may also result from intrinsic issues, including certain medications or disease-related treatments such as chemotherapy. Your mouth and teeth can act as a warning signal when a larger health issue is present. If you are experiencing sensitivity, pain, odor, or a significant change in color, consult your healthcare professional.

As we get older, our enamel naturally thins from the normal wear and tear experienced during our lifetime. Maintaining daily dental hygiene habits are critical. Brush your teeth two times per day for 2 minutes each day. Floss after brushing to remove irritating particles lodged into gums and small crevices. Rinse with mouthwash. Drink water daily to stay hydrated and to increase saliva flow to flush bacteria from the mouth. And visit your friendly dentist twice per year for teeth cleaning and a wellness checkup. These simple steps can help keep yellow teeth at bay.


What are the options for whitening your yellow teeth? If you’ve stood in the dental products aisle of any retail store, you have likely found yourself inundated with product options, each making specific benefit claims. From toothpaste and mouthwash to whitening strips, these products vary in effectiveness. Toothpaste, a convenient solution, may whiten teeth by one shade. As a maintenance product, incorporating whitening toothpaste into your everyday brushing routine, is one way to remove stains caused by the foods and beverages we ingest during the day. But if you are expecting more meaningful results then toothpaste is not the answer.

Professional whitening provides the most visible results and lasts longer. Two types of professional whitening treatments include in-office and take-home. ZOOM whitening uses a LED light-activated technology in combination with a professional gel solution to whiten teeth up to eight shades after a single 60-minute session in your dentist’ chair. About the time it takes to run lunch errands. A second option is an at-home solution that includes a custom-fitted mouthpiece and professional whitening gel concentrate. Use nightly after your regular dental routine and watch yellow teeth turn whiter in just seven days.

Protect that whiter smile by committing to a daily dental hygiene routine. Avoid or reduce foods that stain. Rinse your mouth after drinking stain-causing beverages, and never go to bed without brushing first.

How we feel about our smile can impact our self-esteem. Embrace the uniqueness of being you. When discoloration affects your confidence, contact your dentist to discuss the options for whitening your teeth. Smile wide and smile bright.

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