How UVC Sterilization Can Help Protect Against COVID-19

Ultraviolet light Imperial Dental Center Sugar Land Texas COVIDWhen we hear ‘ultraviolet light’ we usually think of the sun. Ultraviolet light is what makes black-light posters glow in the dark, is responsible for summer tans, and plays a role in photosynthesis – creating oxygen and energy-rich components for plant growth. There are three types of ultraviolet light – A, B, and C. Ultraviolet C, also called UVC, is on the lower end of the ultraviolet light spectrum and has been used as an effective tool for years in hospitals and operating rooms to sterilize surfaces.

How Does UVC Work?   

UVC light works by breaking down certain chemical bonds in microorganisms, scrambling the structure of DNA, RNA, and proteins, preventing these microbes from multiplying. In other words, bacteria cannot grow – it cannot live. The sterilization technology of UVC kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses, which is why hospitals and health care facilities use it for disinfecting and sterilizing surfaces and rooms. UVC sterilization is recently being favored as one of the most effective ways to kill the COVID-19 virus. As part of our daily protocol to keeping our staff and patients safe, Imperial Dental Center recently acquired a handheld UVC sanitizer as well as a free-standing UVC mobile sanitizer with a motion detector.

What is a Handheld UVC Disinfection and Sterilization Unit?

UVC Handheld Light Germ Away Imperial Dental Center Sugar Land Texas Dental Care COVIDUVC handheld sterilization is a quick and convenient way to decontaminate worktop surfaces, walls, and dental tools. After patient appointments, the UVC is passed over surfaces, emitting an ultraviolet-C wavelength the destroys viruses, molds, and germs. The functionality of a wavelength is beneficial in that it reaches every nook and crevice of a surface, quickly eliminating harmful bacteria at the microscopic level. Staff is trained on how to use the UVC sterilizer, wearing protective eyewear and gloves during usage.


How Does a Standalone UVC Mobile Unit Work?

UVC Sterilizer-UVC Light-COVID19The technology of a standalone unit is exactly the same as a handheld unit but on a much larger scale. Imperial Dental Center also has the GermAwayUV Mobile UVC Surface Sterilizer with Motion Sensor Shutoff to thoroughly disinfect and decontaminate our dental rooms between appointments. The mobile unit is turned on when the room is empty, quickly killing and destroying any pathogens that exist in the room and on the surfaces. In addition to targeting COVID-19 and other viruses, UVC light also kills other microorganisms that cause illness all the way down to the common cold.


Our Commitment to You

The UVC handheld and standalone sterilizers are the most recent step Imperial Dental Center have taken to ensure the safety of our staff and patients while in our care. It is important to maintain good oral health regularly. A healthy mouth contributes to a healthy body just as poor dental health can contribute to poor body health. Staying healthy and strong during a time when concerns about illness are heightened is important. We are committed to ensuring your health and wellness on a whole-body level.

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Note: The UVC light is a special type of ultraviolet light used for sanitizing surfaces. Ultraviolet light from the sun and tanning beds are UVA and UVB light. Imperial Dental Center does not use UVA or UVB light and does not recommend overexposure to the sun or advise the use of tanning beds.