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Dr. Dragana Angelova-Dentist-Dentist in Sugar Land TXMarch 6th is National Dentist’s Day, and we could not be prouder of our own Dr. Angelova. With a continuous flow of 5-star ratings, there is a reason why Imperial Dental Center has long-term relationships with patients who are like family. As her team, we decided to take over Dr. Angelova’s blog and interview her instead!

A Little Bit About Dr. Dragana Angelova

Dr. Angelova graduated from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, a prestigious dental school in California, at the top of her class with an Advanced Standing in Clinical Training Certificate. She has practiced in California and Texas and has over 20 years of experience in general dentistry, cosmetic, and esthetic dentistry. In addition to owning Imperial Dental Center, Dr. Angelova holds a part-time teaching position as a Clinical Assistant Professor of General Dentistry at the University of Texas School of Dentistry in Houston.

What’s Most Important About Being a Dentist?

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Dr. Angelova stays current on the latest dental techniques, oral health issues, and dental equipment, ensuring her patients receive the best care. Knowing that a dentist appointment can create fear, she thoughtfully listens to patients’ concerns and eases anxieties. As an oral health

expert, Dr. Angelova has been able to identify dental and non-dental health issues just by examining the patient’s mouth and listening to their concerns.  “It’s very important to me to allow enough time and listen cautiously to what the patient has to say. It’s also vital to then carefully explain in detail what’s going on, determines the ultimate goal for our treatment and how do we get there” says Dr. Angelova.

During COVID, Dr. Angelova took and is still taking extraordinary steps to ensure the health and wellness of patients and staff by implementing precautions that exceed the most stringent requirements of the ADA and CDC. In addition to installing advanced sterilization equipment, air filtration system, ULV fogging, water purification system, and other measures, she received both her Coronavirus vaccinations.

Dr. Angelova Gives her Best Advice

Having several decades as a dental and oral expert, we asked Dr. Angelova for her top four patient tips.

What You Do at Home Matters Most

The dentist uses equipment that can identify issues not visible to the naked eye such as gum disease or oral cancer, among others. But the best way to care for teeth is to brush twice per day for 2 minutes each time following with floss and mouthwash. A daily dental routine can lead to a perfect in-office exam. And don’t miss your regular check-ups and cleanings!

A Beautiful Smile is Not Always a Straight Smile

Approximately 23% of patients feel embarrassed by their teeth, which is really unfortunate. What’s important for a lot of patients is that teeth are aligned. Teeth that are misaligned can contribute to more gum disease, decay, and problems chewing and speaking. Still, we think that every smile is beautiful! That’s why we spend a good amount of time talking to you about all of your options because ultimately, every case is unique and requires an individual solution. If you feel self-conscious, cosmetic dentistry options are available.

Please Do Not Chew Ice

While the enamel on our teeth is a hard surface, the pressure of crushing ice between our teeth can cause damage to enamel, gums, and fillings. Instead of chewing ice, let it dissolve slowly. Also, consider chewing sugar-free gum.

You Can Call Us Anytime

When questions arise give us a call. There are no embarrassing questions, only potential health issues that may arise from remaining silent. We want to know what is happening with your health to ensure you are receiving the best treatment options. You are our extended dental family!

Call for an appointment today to schedule a regular checkup and to meet our favorite dentist.

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